New Nets Take Shape

2 March, 2016 | Categorised in:

Early Feb saw the start of a major new programme of works at Preston Cricket Club – the replacement of the old outdoor nets facilities with state of the art, artificial-surfaced nets. Still two lanes but there will no longer be grass run-ups with the artificial surface reaching the boundary of the Preston Ground, and being fenced in.

The nets will enable the whole Club to practice in the summer months safely and provide and essential and safe training facility for our Junior Club members too.

Club Captain and First X1 Skipper Dave Fleckney being interviewed about the new initiative commented – “This is well wicked. The new nets will provide a safe, larger and all round state-of-the-art facility for the Club. With the increased height and length of the nets cages it will hopefully mean a much safer environment for all and perhaps I won’t be able to bowl my utter filth off-spinners on to the roof of the nets quite so much….”

Quite Dave…

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