Dave “Mad Dog” Allen, Remembered…

9 June, 2015 | Categorised in:

Dave “Mad Dog” Allen passed away last summer playing the game he loved. A shock to everyone that new him and played alongside him; not a day passes when we all don’t think of our friend.

The Allen Family, Friends and Fellow members of Preston Cricket Club met on a fine Saturday morning to remember Dave and for the Allen family to donate a beautiful bench to the Club in remembrance of him.

The bench is particularly poignant as it offers a beautiful place for people to sit back, to relax and to watch.  For the players who knew and played alongside Dave, it’s a lasting opportunity to be able to wander round the boundary on match day, to pause and take a break and to be able to spend time with him, reflect about him and the great times we all had, and to remember him.

Dave “Mad Dog” Allen. Always missed.